Membership Benefits

What is a business incubator?


Benefits included with membership

Benefits that are availible, but cost in additon to membership

We think the information here will help break down our programs and help you understand the differences are between a "Residential Member" and a "Virtual Member"...

Business Plan Development
Cash Flow Projections

Included in the program.  

Provided free up to 4 hours a month.  If the plan has not been completed after that, the business will be referred to SCORE for free counseling to finish business plan.

Incubator Staff Support

Mentoring, introduction to resources, business networking, referral to professional services and information regarding sources of capital.   NO CHARGE

Provided free up to 2 hours a month.  Mentoring, introduction to resources, business networking, referral to professional services and information regarding sources of capital. 

Mentoring Support

Each resident business will be assigned a team of advisers.  These are professionals in the community who will assist the business in providing education, business reviews, mentoring, guidance, recommendations and other business assistance.  These meetings are scheduled on a regular basis and dependent on the needs of the individual business.    NO CHARGE

Fee-based assistance upon request.


We bring professionals for training on specific business topics.  Resident members can attend our training sessions for free.  NO CHARGE

Virtual members pay $15 for a training session. Non-members pay $25 for a training session.

Conference Rooms
Training Rooms

Once you have signed up to reserve space, it's yours to use!  First-come first-served availability.   NO CHARGE

Provided free up to 6 hours a month. You must sign up to reserve space as it is on a first come first served basis.  Each additional rental is $50 a day.

Rental Offices
Warehouse Spaces

Residential Members rent spaces at BizWorks to house their business.  Phones are provided if a business chooses to have phone service.  NO CHARGE  Each business will supply the office furniture and equipment needed for their business.  Internet access is also available for a monthly fee.  If BizWorks has office furniture available, the member may use it.

Provided free up to 3 days a month.  Additional rental of office space on a single day use is $25 a day.  Provided office equipment includes: a desk, chairs, computer hook-up and internet usage. 

Office Equipment
Break Rooms
Kitchen Facilities

The incubator has a full line of centrally located business machines such as copier, full color printers, postage machine, scanner, fax machine, binding machine and audio visual equipment. There are no monthly rental fees.  The business only pays for the materials consumed.  NO CHARGE.

Mail & Package Acceptance
Visitor Welcome Service

Included in the program.  

Included in the program.  

Monthly Member Meetings

Member meetings provide networking opportunities with all current resident and virtual members, graduate members, incubator staff and special guests.  This is typically scheduled on the third Friday of every month.  Lunch is provided.  NO CHARGE.

Access to Member-Only
Website Resources

All members have free access to resource pages on BizWorks’ website. This section includes small business development articles, networking opportunities and a FAQs section providing information.  NO CHARGE.

Secretarial Services

Available to all members at $18 per hour.

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