Become an Advisor

Our Commitment, Your Passion

Our commitment to our members is to help them succeed in attaining their dream of owning a successful business.  As you may know, most owners of start-up businesses already possess a strong vision for their companies.  However, many of these businesses require additional operational means, management assistance and networking opportunities to help put their vision into action.  Your passion and specialized business knowledge will help these entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

An experienced and dependable Member Advisory Team can mean the difference between failure and success for a start-up company.  As an Advisory Panel member, you will have the opportunity to leverage your business knowledge and networks, teaching skills, integrity, and past successes to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.  If you possess these skill sets and are willing to share your time, you may be a perfect match for our entrepreneurs at BizWorks!

Time Commitment

Advisory members serve on a volunteer basis for a term to be determined by each member, the Executive Director, an in concert with the needs of the BizWorks Member. Most members have three advisory panel members representing those components where that Member requires additional professional assistance and guidance that meet with the Members quarterly.

Expertise Needed

Some fields represented on the Member Advisory Panel include: General Management, Financial/Accounting, Marketing/Advertising, Operations, Information Systems, Product Development, Sales, Human Resources, Legal, and Administration.


The Executive Director will initiate and facilitate the initial meeting. During the meeting, some regular topics include business strategies, goals and objectives, marketing plans, employment opportunities, sales and financial growth. The Member Advisory Panel and Bizworks’ staff work together to help Members set goals and seek to hold them accountable for their attainment.

Contact Thaddeus Huff, Executive Director at Thaddeus.huff@bizworkscenter.org or 804-275-5190 if you have questions or need more information. Come help us make a difference!